Executive Level

Executive level

Who looks after the leaders? We do.

Once you’ve reached the top well-being doesn’t cease to be an issue.

C-suite may be thinking, “What next?”, “Is it worth it?”, feeling imposter syndrome, feeling judged (you are, don’t worry about it), overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, you’ve supported everyone else through the pandemic, but who supports you?

Also, what gets you to the top, might not be what keeps you there – the level of detail to the point of OCD, worry about taking time off and how others will see it. Craving praise, wanting people to know you’re dedicated to your job. And the fear if people cover for you, they’ll be better, or when you’re away they will be important meetings, messages missed.

Let’s change this. See things in a new light. Back yourself.

This isn’t coaching. It’s calming.

The Corporate Kind. The soft stuff that gets the hard stuff done.

What we’re doing is living our strap line.

That doesn’t mean we’re fluffy, it means we educate your people emotionally to look after themselves so it doesn’t impact on the business.

And understand that sometimes work is hard work.

It’s a kindness that helps build careers, creates teams and a sense of pride.