The Corporate Kind specialises in company, organisation and government department well being.

Due to Covid, working from home, work pressures, work-life imbalance and job security concerns, there’s never been a time when workers have felt under so much pressure.

And we’re here to, quite literally calm things down.

Make you and your workforce more resilient.

Who we are

We’re Jim Thomas and Diane Woolrich.

We both know what it’s like to be out of sorts – and then get things back on track.

Jim Thomas

Jim worked in advertising for 30 years. All the way to board level. Along the way he ate and drank his way to over 20 stone.

Coming to the realisation this wasn’t right he lost seven stone, started doing Iron Man events and running marathons.

But he didn’t get there without help. He saw a hypnotherapist and decided to become one himself.

As well as working with corporate clients, Jim treats drug addicts, smokers, phobia sufferers, sports people wanting to be better versions of themselves and overeaters amongst many others.

Diane Woolrich

Diane has seen it all. And experienced it. A stressed-out teenager with alopecia, her hair fell out in handfuls. In her first serious relationship she was head-butted, controlled, and abused.

That was enough. She learnt how to care for herself. Trained as an Operating Department Practitioner working in a fast paced, stressful environment in the operating theatres. Ending her career as lead delivering programmes of change.

She’s now married with three messy teenagers.

Retraining as a counsellor and hypnotherapist gives her an acute understanding of exactly what people put themselves through in work and extreme work environments. She works with people to live a happier healthier lives’ by changing their negative thoughts and behaviours.

How we do it

We can run half day, full day, one off, regular monthly workshops for teams and/or individuals.

Individual Counselling support.
Access to a resource library.
Hypnosis Recordings.

The Corporate Kind. The soft stuff that gets the hard stuff done.

What we’re doing is living our strap line.

That doesn’t mean we’re fluffy, it means we educate your people emotionally to look after themselves so it doesn’t impact on the business.

And understand that sometimes work is hard work.

It’s a kindness that helps build careers, creates teams and a sense of pride.