Welcome to The Corporate Kind

The business of resilience and calm

We’re here to help you create a work force fit for purpose to deliver your strategic key objectives.

It might sound hard, but if truth be told that’s what you need.

We want to help you sleep at night knowing you have done the right thing by your best asset.

Don’t leave it too late when staff go off sick, or leave because they’re mentally exhausted. We’re sure you know only too well the cost of recruiting and staff churn.

Latest project

Working with the clinicians of Deighton NHS Trust on resilience and mental toughness

Welcome to The Corporate Kind

Arming your workforce

We understand that modern life is though. Arm your workforce with skills that will enable you and them to sleep at night. To turn up for work to work. To be present. To achieve what they need to achieve. To work with you to deliver the business’s key objectives.

To get the hard stuff done by using soft skills.

In a nutshell we educate your staff to look after themselves mentally and physically.

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The Corporate Kind. The soft stuff that gets the hard stuff done.

What we’re doing is living our strap line.

That doesn’t mean we’re fluffy, it means we educate your people emotionally to look after themselves so it doesn’t impact on the business.

And understand that sometimes work is hard work.

It’s a kindness that helps build careers, creates teams and a sense of pride.